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Hello electronic percussion fans,

My name is Kris Thomas of Majestic Music Productions here in Hawaii. I want to share with you some of my explorations with the Roland SPD-s sampling pad.

I really love working with this unit, I have taken it on the road to many distant places and I always have a large palette of very usable sounds at my disposal. It is small enough to fit in a backpack which would count as your person item on a flight so you don’t have to pay any cartage fees, very nice. I cut off most of the pipe from the Roland pad stand with a pipe cutter, super easy by the way, and now I have a small mounting chunk that I take with me and it usually fits into whatever stand is at the gig we are playing.

Over years of working with it I have found that it works extremely well as a left hand percussion rig next to the hi-hat. And recently I bought another one and just cloned my CF card into it and now I can load two different setups at one time, not to mention the increased polyphony. The SPD-S is only 8-voice polyphonic, that means it can only make 8 sounds at any one time. It can get eaten up especially if you play fast beats on it, that is the one down side to the unit.

I have spent a great deal of effort collecting and editing setups of custom samples for the Roland SPD-S sampling pad, The sounds it comes with from the factory are ok, but with all the work I have done it truly sounds incredible now!

I have used velocity switching on a lot of the pads and assigned the effects in each setup.When triggering a loop you hit a pad to start the loop then hit the same pad again to stop the loop. I have included some cool loops as well. There are 6 drum kits programmed and also many extra snare , tom , and kick samples to augment your setup.

Roland came out with  software update 1.2 and it adds the ability to use up to 4 gig compact flash cards. Keep in mind you still can only use 512 meg total even on the larger cards. It is getting harder to find 512 meg CF cards. Not all cards are compatible with this unit! They have to be type 1 CF cards. The one I sell is tested and fully compatible. To do the software update you do need a compact flash card. Se for more information.

There are some great forums and user groups for the SPD-S. There is a Facebook site:, and many more places to find out more about this unit. Thanks for your time and enjoy playing the Roland SPD-S.